Aug 252014

I’ve finally gotten a chance to put a camera on the Lunt 60mm H-alpha scope. Future plans are for a small dome dedicated to solar observing and this telescope is the first optical component toward that goal. I put the PTO’s DMK21AS planetary camera on the scope just as a test and the image below is the result.

h_sun 14-08-20 09-39-55

I set the scope up on my portable mount in the yard with a very long USB cable carrying the imagery into the observatory. Currently, I don’t have a remote focuser for the telescope nor did I have the mount connected to a computer so I spent the morning running back and forth between the telescope and the control room monitor displaying the camera output. I was finally able to get the scope pointed at an interesting portion of the solar disk and a somewhat focused image. I captured several 2500 frame series before the clouds rolled in and then ran a couple of them through RegiStax 6.

sun 14-08-20 09-39-55 closeup
The series of undulating prominences on the upper right edge of the Sun is reminiscent of a very large Loch Ness monster. Nessie appears to be heading around the edge of the Sun to prevent any further observations. No wonder we can’t find her in Scotland.

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