Apr 102013

It is not unusual to see grand spiral designs from inside the dome of the Pear Tree Observatory.  I took this image of NGC 3938 on the 1st of March this year.  Located in the constellation of Ursa Major, this spiral is located approximately 43 million light years away. With a diameter of 67,000 LYs it is about 2/3rds the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy. 


What is unusual is to see a grand spiral design inside the dome of the Pear Tree Observatory.  Although the direction of rotation is opposite and the difference in scale is astronomical,  the pattern is unmistakable.  Obviously, some insect found the environment inviting just under the lip of the rotating portion of the dome.  The eggs sit on top of individual stalks each about three sixteenths of an inch high.  The diameter of this spiral is about the same as a nickel.  My guess is the  temperature in the uninsulated dome doomed the eggs as they have not hatched after several months. 


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  1. Very Nice Galaxy picture!

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