Aug 162013

Every year the Earth passes through the debris strewn orbit of comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle.   On average, meteors can be attributed to the comet from July 13th to August 26th.  Across that time span the count will slowly increase, peak, then slowly drop off.  For 2013, Earth was predicted to cross the center of the stream at 1200(L) on Monday the 12th of August.  That timing was optimum for eastern Asia.  The best time for North American viewing was the morning of the 12th of August and detections by the NMSU All-Sky camera verify that prediction.  A video of each detection is posted on the NMSU web page for the PTO.  As would be expected, a couple of detections were sporadic meteors, but very few.


Perseid count 2013
NOTE: The meteor video taken at 09:04:51.809(Z) on the 13th was triggered by passing car lights.  Within the recorded window is a dim meteor.  It is a good indication on how bright the meteor has to be to trigger the software.

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